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Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology

Worldviews is an international academic journal that addresses how environmental issues are: influencing the world’s major religions, giving rise to new forms of religious expression, and affecting religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. These explorations give rise to further inquiry into the manner in which these new findings can influence people’s attitudes toward their environmental contexts and the unique set of environmental challenges they pose.

The terms “religion,” “culture,” and “environment” are all hotly contested. Talal Asad (1993: 29) argues of religion that “there cannot be a universal definition of religion not only because its constituent elements and relationships are culturally specific, but because that definition itself is the historical product of discursive processes.” The same could be said also of both “culture” and “environment.”

Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion is located within this contested territory. It aims to publish work that explores different conjunctions, constructions, and perceptions of environment, culture, and religion. It welcomes articles that explore how different religious and cultural traditions understand and evaluate “nature” and “the environment;” and, dialectically, how understandings of “nature” and “the environment” have shaped different religious and cultural traditions. It also aims to publish work that considers the relationship between religious and cultural beliefs and environmental practices by asking: How are particular religious/cultural beliefs and environmental practices related? Are particular religions responsible for the “environmental crisis?” Will acceptance of particular beliefs change environmental practices?

In addressing questions such as these, Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion adopts a multi- and interdisciplinary venue thereby welcoming contributions from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives including: anthropology, environmental studies, geography, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, and theology. Papers may discuss, inter alia, major world religious traditions (e.g., Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.); the traditions of indigenous peoples; new religious movements; philosophical belief systems (e.g., pantheism); nature spiritualities, or other religious and cultural worldviews in relation to the environment. Papers may explore positions inside or outside particular religious and cultural traditions but they are required to be in an academic format.

The journal welcomes advance information about events (e.g., conferences) and publishes reports from events relevant to the subject matter of the journal. It also welcomes responses (e.g., notes and replies) relating to articles published in earlier editions and book reviews on material relevant to the field of study.

Articles submitted to Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion are treated as blind submissions and reviewed by two readers. All submissions receive commentary from reader reports and/or from the editor.

Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion is an English language journal that is published three times a year (March, July, and November).

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