Journey of the Universe

Written by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Over the past century science, in its various disciplines from astronomy to microbiology, has discovered the elements of an emergent evolutionary process. This book weaves these elements into a narrative of a universe that emerged some 13.7 billion years ago. The magnitude of this universe story is beginning to dawn on humans as we awaken to a realization of the vastness and complexity of this developmental process.

The Journey of the Universe, then, invites the reader to step back to explore and assimilate our cosmological context. Just as scientific cosmology is giving us an understanding of the origins of the universe and the unfolding of life on Earth, philosophical and poetic reflection on this cosmology brings us a fresh perspective regarding our place in the universe. This book, then, results in an unusual braiding of sciences and humanities, weaving empirical data with poetry and fact with metaphor.

To achieve this end we combine three intersecting objectives: understanding the evolution of the universe and Earth by drawing on current scientific research; relating the evolutionary narrative as a whole (cosmic, Earth, human); and reflecting on the story with a sense of awe and wonder. From this there emerges in the Journey of the Universe a new integration of scientific facts, story, and connection.

Within this integrated perspective we can ask: What is humankind in relation to 13.7 billion years of universe history? What is our place in the framework of 4.6 billion years of Earth history? How can we foster the continuity and the integrity of life processes? These are some of the critical questions underlying the telling of the Journey of the Universe.


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