This man powers his whole house, plus two cars, with the sun

August 8, 2018
By Samantha Harrington
Yale Climate Connections

His faith motivated him to go solar.

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Three years ago, Arkansas resident Terry Tremwel built an ultra-efficient solar-powered home. He was motivated by more than a desire to save on electricity. He was also driven by his Christian faith.

Tremwel: “When we burn fossil fuels, when we abuse nature, when we abuse creation, we’re working against God’s will for the world, which is to have this idyllic garden in which we can commune with God. One tool for restoring that relationship with the ecosystem, with the world, with the cosmos, is to reduce carbon emissions.”

Tremwel’s large home was designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. It’s tightly insulated, and south-facing windows allow winter sun to warm the house. And its electricity comes from solar power.

Tremwel: “The solar panels on the roof on a net-annual basis provide enough energy for not only all of the home’s operations, but the two electric cars that my wife and I have.”

Tremwel says he gives tours and shows off his zero-dollar electricity bills when people visit. Through his example, he hopes to inspire others to protect and restore God’s creation.