European Academy of Religion (EuARe) Annual Meeting

June 22-25, 2020

Bologna, Italy

Submission deadline: January 17, 2020

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Panel Title: "God(s) and the ecosphere: the role of religion in re-imagining the human-nature relationship" 

The global threat of climate change is at the forefront of the environmental movement. However, it is only one aspect of the ecological crisis threatening the existence of life on this planet. At the heart of this crisis is the relationship between humanity and the rest of creation. Human alterations to the ecosphere over the last couple centuries have led many scientists and environmentalists to suggest the Earth has entered a new geological era known as the Anthropocene. Though much of the human nature relationship has been assessed as negative, this panel seeks to challenge the “human/nature” divide by relocating the human as properly part of nature, thus opening up possibilities for positive human work in the ecosphere. In particular, the effects religion has on orienting the role of humans in their relationships within the ecosphere and re-awakening theological imaginations regarding the Divine and nature. Though a broad range of paper submissions for this panel will be considered proposals should address the conference theme of “The Power of Religion/Religion and Power,” as well as the positive role religion can play in shaping the relationship between humankind and creation.

Please send abstracts (maximum 500 words) to Robert Q. Lewis – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)